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We've restructured.

Here's what's going on with us as of February 2014:

Flying Brass founder Caleb Chinn has retired. His decision was relatively sudden and largely based on health. He continues to teach one-on-one on a limited basis and, going forward, also plans to specialize in teaching the handicapable. You can reach him at (The email address goes, for now, to Dennis and Anne Barrett.)

Although most of the Flying Brass LLC teaching staff are NRA-certified instructors, none had yet gone that "one step further" to acquire formal Sheriff's Department CCW instructor certification. CCW classes are county level and in Butte County the list of approved providers is limited. In short, we cannot predict when next we'll be offering CCW classes.

Several of us may continue to teach NRA classes. However, the corporate name "Flying Brass LLC" has been legally closed, and as a consequence this website will shortly close as well. We will, however, provide a link to a new website (when that is developed) from which we plan to offer NRA and other forms of training.

Meanwhile, if you took CCW training with Flying Brass LLC, your 18- month email reminder remains scheduled. The email-list management tool is not connected to the website.

The women's shooting group Ridge Annie Oakleys is going to take a break while we seek new sponsorship.

If you are a Butte County resident seeking CCW training, we suggest you return to the Butte County list of CCW providers and select a different provider. The list is given in the CCW Application and Testing Procedures for Concealed Weapon License, a PDF that you can get here. (Because Caleb technically is still teaching, he's listed among the providers as "Flying Brass.")

Thanks; feel free to contact us if this news leaves you with any questions.

Flying Brass can take you there!

And remember: be safe out there!